Many users have already been tracking their data in an Excel spreadsheet.  Here is how import this data into the Pool Math app.

  1. The first step is to save your Excel .csv file into the cloud for access on your device. Once that's complete we'll jump onto the device and open that companies App. For this demo I used iCloud Drive, but any other app such as Dropbox, OneDrive or even emailing the file to yourself as an attachment will work fine as well.  Next find the file you wish to import and open it. Here the file I'm looking for is titled Export Logs.csv 
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  2. Open the file and it should look like the following:
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  3. Now, click on the Share button on the lower left hand corner and find the Pool Math app from the list of apps. 
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  4. Tap on it and it'll open the import page on Pool Math. 
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  5. Once you're on this page select which pool you wish to import the data into and Pool Math will import into that pool. Additionally you'll see any fields with errors that you may wish to correct that Pool Math cannot import. Click on Import File Now and Pool Math will find your data and import it into the App.

Notes / CSV Template:

While Pool Math will try to import data from any .CSV file it is limited in accuracy.  

For best results, download the BlankPoolMathLog.csv file attached to this article and spend a few minutes copying and pasting your data into it.

Android Users:

The process is almost exactly the same for Android users.  You will need to open the .csv file from an app like Dropbox or OneDrive and choose Pool Math from the list of apps to open it with.